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Pioneering Chinese Luxury Hospitality

Rooted in Latin, the word NUO stands for new and represents the golden promise we are committed to. NUO, a luxury brand imagined to incarnate and celebrate China’s renaissance. This golden promise is a commitment to do things in a brand new way. Made up of “the best of China”, infused with contemporary cues, NUO is a rich blend with a unique flavour. The experience is outstandingly different, never seen or felt before. It is the NUO Way.

Our brand has been built on strong beliefs. We have erected them into solid pillars. They are guiding principles, supporting the brand experience.

Uniquely Chinese

We care to create a Chinese experience, offering a fresh alternative to Western brands. We want to celebrate the depth and richness of our culture and share it generously, for the pleasure of all our guests, Chinese and non-Chinese.

Uniquely Luxurious

We want to give luxury a new dimension. We sprinkle it with a refined Chinese flavour. NUO is providing guests with “the best”, but also dispenses unexpected indulgence that sooth their senses.

Uniquely Contemporary

Celebrating Chinese culture, for us, means looking forward. Our civilisation is an endless source of inspiration to building our future. NUO deals with contemporary needs in an elegant and modern fashion.

Uniquely Green

Our world needs to be taken care of. It is a common wealth. Enjoying it goes hand in hand with preserving it. NUO is committed to developing green solutions for the well-being of its guests.

NUO Vase holds our golden promise

Chosen to be NUO’s icon, the vase is our symbol for wealth and hospitality. Across the ages, functional, ritual or artisanal, the Chinese vase, interpreted in bronze, ceramics or porcelain, has reflected the mood and taste of its era.

Witnessing flourishing periods or darker moments, it has always contained substances to quench the travellers’ thirst and elate their senses.

NUO vase holds the promise of a bright future. It promises a world of abundance and harmony.

Nuo Experience

A traditional Chinese bowl

Traditional Chinese Culture

We are committed to offering guests our very unique Chinese hospitality and an attention to detail that is beyond description. We strive to understand and anticipate our guests’ needs by developing our services and products to be beyond the international standard, while still retaining a rich, oriental flavour. This is why we stand tall with our signature NUO-branded products like NUO Tea and the NUO Spa, as we believe this is the NUO way of caring and pampering our guests.

NUO brings to you an unprecedented travel experience you have never seen...


Contemporary Art

With Zeng Fanzhi as the art consultant, each piece of art at NUO has been carefully selected and reflects a dimension of Chinese culture, be it traditional or emerging. NUO redefines traditional luxury codes. The grandiose atmosphere, lavish service and exquisite art pieces create a unique place that people will favour.

NUO Travel

Beijing Tourism Group launched NUO Travel not only helps to provide the perfect upscale travel services to our guests but also to develop our unique worldwide concierge services for our global NUO Hotels. With NUO travel, NUO guests will enjoy the benefits of seamless, luxurious service at their fingertips, not only within the hotel, but also at every step of their journey around the world thanks to their own creation of NUO Life, the worldwide concierge system.

In addition to providing exclusive limousine and travel services for NUO hotel properties, NUO Travel’s transport and travel network will cover airports in 33 cities in China and 57 international cities. NUO Travel possesses strong partnerships with professional service teams around the world, such as personal travel consultants, private jet and yacht, worldwide VIP services and tailor-made travel products to cater to the needs of today’s discriminating global traveler.

Low Carbon Intelligence

Adhering to the promise of environmental sustainability, NUO has carefully followed the gold-level certificate standards of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system, and NUO Hotel Beijing's building achieved pre-certification in the early stages of construction.

NUO will live up to its promise of being a low-carbon intelligent hotel, only using ingredients from our own organic farms, committing to energy conservation and environmental protection, by cooperating with trade industry leaders in developing standard criteria for other low-carbon hotels around the world and by joining the World Travel and Tourism Council’s (WTTC) low-carbon hotel organization.


NUO Hotel Beijing

NUO’s first property in Beijing uses an original theme, dubbed “New Ming” across the hotel. Taking its cues from the prosperous Ming dynasty, it gives a unique flair to the place that is sophisticated and contemporary. More than simply décor, “New Ming” is a spirit that can be felt through the whole experience from the tea pavilion to the style of service.

NUO “New Ming” is the first incarnation of the NUO Way.

NUO Hotel Beijing coming soon...

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